Darius V. Daughtry fell in love with words at the age of six.  It was then, that he used to write and draw his own comic books.  While the visuals left a little to be desired, being able to paint pictures with words was a passion that soon began to blossom.  Darius has been marrying the pen to the paper ever since.

As an English, Creative Writing, and Drama Instructor, Darius used his love for knowledge and creative expression to change the lives of thousands of students and provide avenues for them to explore their artistic gifts. After ten years in the school system, he had an opportunity to take a position as the Director of Programs for the Omari Hardwick bluapple Poetry Network, an affiliate of the Jason Taylor Foundation. In his current position, Darius works with schools throughout his native South Florida to integrate a curriculum that helps empower students and community through the art of spoken word poetry.

Currently, Darius works the Founder and Artistic Director of Art Prevails Project, a creative collaborative dedicated to expanding conversations through artistic and cultural experiences.


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Arts Prevails Project is a performing arts-based creative collective dedicated to expanding cultural conversations by providing innovative experiences that entertain, inspire, and educate.

We seek to shift paradigms and perspectives by providing underserved communities with original theatrical performances, workshops, and artist talk-backs.

Art Prevails Project is proud to be a member of the Broward Cultural Division’s Art Education Directory. As a member of this select group, we have been vetted and sanctioned as providers of high-quality cultural and artistic programming.

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