the written / the performed

Members of the Art Prevails Project put in work for the debut of Speak No Evil, a short play written and directed by Darius V. Daughtry. Inspired by Darius’ love of the works of William Shakespeare and his passion for the need for creativity, Speak No Evil explores censorship in a new and unique manner.


The show premiered at RedEye: Reality Reimagined, an annual artistic explosion held at Fort Lauderdale’s iconic ArtServe gallery. While this was the 11th edition of RedEye, it was the first to feature a live dramatic performance. Speak No Evil is being expanded as a part of a full length, multidisciplinary performance entitled The Speakeasy.


Cast: Nylle Farquharson, Maru Gonzalez, Yshele Johnson, Telly Lockhart, Marnino Toussaint, and Calvin Weaver, Jr.

Crew: RJ Artuso

Sound Design: Allan Thompson